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To be able to use our memory as a tool for success is something we all wish for. To remember names, key information at important client meetings or to make that presentation perfect straight from memory. Wee have the tools to make all that possible and much more.

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Students are daily put through tough learning tasks. But when are they given the tools to handle all that knowledge and learning requests? We have the toolbox to make learning fun, more engaging, and inspiring making students long for the next study session. Our training will teach you to study less but still learn more!

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Personal Training

Do you have a clue on how much you can memories and how easy it actually can be? With memory and creativity training we will open a whole new world of possibilities for you. So invest on your self, an unforgettable investment that will change your life!

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We are best in the world at what we do memory training, we won gold with Sweden 2014!

Inspiring lectures, creative workshops and personal training…

Do you want to be inspired, acquire priceless knowledge, get personal training and growth with your mind in focus, Zogaj is your first choice. We have won glittering gold with Sweden at the World Memory Championships, now we want to make you a winner.

Online coaching and training

How do I train my brain? How do I use my trained memory in my work, to study better or to improve my sports performance? Weather you are a student, CEO of a global company or an olympic athlete – Idriz Zogaj will coach you to use your brain in ways you did not think was possible.

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online coachingE-courses

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E-courses with Idriz Zogaj

In 21 short films Idriz Zogaj guides you thorough the same memory techniques used by the athletes in the Swedish National Memory team that won gold in 2014! Everything you need to know and much more.Can a simple app really give you all the memory training you need to be on top of everything? Yes, it can and with that in mind Zogaj Memo-Gym was created. It was created for an exhibition on the brain already in 2010 (!). The four videos show you how to play to get a full memory work out. It is so simple a three year old can do it…

We love to inspire and get feedback!

Brain training is our passion. With our experience your memory training will be easy and fun. Zogaj is with you all the way when you develop your super memory.

”It was the best lecture I have attended!”

Det var kul och man lärde sig mycket. Jag tyckte att han förklarade väldigt bra!
Elev i årskurs 3-5, Vetenskapsfestivalen 2014
”Det var riktigt intressant och föreläsaren var inspirerande och man blev intresserad.”
Elev i årskurs 8 under Vetenskapsfestivalen 2014
”Super bra, super kul, rolig bra skoj!”
Kungsbacka kulturhus 30/1-14.
”Mycket intressant. Bra presenterat. Lättförståeligt!”
Kungsbacka kulturhus 30/1-14.
”Det var den bästa föreställningen jag har varit med om!”
Kungsbacka kulturhus 30/1-14
”Jag tycker att det var jätte bra för att jag lärde nig en Held el tekniker.”
Elev i årskurs 3-5, Vetenskapsfestivalen 2014
”Lyfter på hatten för Programkommittén som ordnat det mest fascinerande lunchföredrag jag kan minnas från mina snart tolv år i Rotary.”
Peter, Rotary Majorna, 14/1-14
”Det är jätteroligt spel och jag vinner nästan jämt över mamma. Det är för att jag har ett så bra minne!”
Marcus 5 år
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