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Memory Art! For those who get it…

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Memory Art! For those who get it…

You might see only numbers…

But to a memory master this is live images and stories of unimaginable creativity that makes it possible for the brain to only listen to the digits once with an interval of one second… and then remember them all!

This is a World Record in Spoken Numbers set by the World Memory Champion Johannes Mallow at Chalmers Innovation in Göteborg. Johannes recalled all the numbers, but had a mistake at the 365th giving him a world record of 364!

If you understand this, or even better – If you were there… pleas tag your self on this picture to honor Johannes performance!

Zogaj congratulates Johannes for this world record and also for the other three he managed to break at the Swedish Memory Open. One of them being that he gathered a total score of 10.059 – the first ever competitor to break the 10.000 point barrier.

The other top competitor – Simon Reinhard, broke three world records as well! Among those one of the oldest in the memory sports when he memorized 7 complete packs of playing cards plus 6 cards from the 8th pack.

It was also a world record in breaking world records…

So go home and train – or do you think it is child’s play to break this record?




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