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”Det var den bästa föreställningen jag har varit med om!”"Mycket intressant. Bra presenterat. Lättförståeligt!", Kungsbacka kulturhus 30/1-14

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Vi verkar för att hjärnträning genom minnesträning ska bli en del i allas vardag. Precis som vi idag har gymkort och regelbundet motionerar våra kroppar vill vi verka för att vi tränar våra hjärnor regelbundet.


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  • How to compete in memory

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  • How to excel in Zogaj Memo Gym

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    How to play Zogaj Memo-Gym Zogaj Memo-Gym is the only app you need to fully train your memory. This very simple, yet very well thought through app lets you use the same memory techniques as memory pros. With training you will understand how good your brain actually is and lets you feel how much you actually […]

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  • How to Master your Memory

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    What if you could remember anything you want, when ever you want? This is an ability that many dream to have. But did you know that taking control of how you remember is much like deciding to take control of your body. And just as you can train your body to do many unbelievable things – you will se that with training you can get a memory that is even better than what you dreamed of!

    One part is understanding your brain and that we all have this ability. Another is understanding the techniques and applying them in everyday life. The last part is to practice and use the techniques as often as you can. You can speed up the last part significantly if you train like memory athletes.

    ”How to master your memory” shows you how to get that memory you thought you could only dream of. So, invest in your self and take this course, it will most likely be one of your best investments in life.