Idriz Zogaj

World Class Coach, Keynote Speaker and Brain Trainer

  • World Champion Coach with Team Sweden
  • 5 time Swedens Best Memory
  • TEDx with 9+ MILLION views
  • Engaged in brain research in the field of Memory training
  • Writer of 4 books
  • Founder and inventor of Memotopia
  • Co founder of Remente
  • 20 years world class experience memory training and personal coach
  • Attended 12 World Memory Championships
  • Organizer of more than  20 Memory Championships – including two European Championships

Keynote Speaker 

Idriz will inspire, with warmth and humor deliver life changing facts about your brain. Techniques you can use in your everyday life from your childhood, in school, to your professional work and as you grow old – to keep a healthy mind in your elderly days.

    • Experience from coaching and training kids from 4 years of age to elderly at 94
    • Experience coaching world champions and world record breakers
    • Experience coaching students in various fields
    • Experience coaching CEOs and leaders in top organisations
    • Experience coaching actors and opera singers
    • Working together with universities to study brain training
    • Frequently featured in media
    • Eager to inspire and learn from you and your organisation

If your company has its 100 year anniversary, Idriz Zogaj would be your perfect choice. 

Online Training

Over 1300 students from 151 countries are inspired from Idriz Zogaj online course. Learn where ever you are and when ever you want, at your pace and from one of the best memory coaches and trainers of all time.

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Personal Coach

We all have different needs.

Idriz Zogaj has experience coaching children from 4 years to elderly near 100! aFrom students to professionell athletes, from privat company CEO:s to musicians and opera singers. We all have need for brain training. Idriz delivers, personal, warm, fun and inspiring.

Let’s Take You On an Adventure!

Contact us to get started on a new chapter in your life, a chapter that will take you into an infinite journey inside your self. Explore your brain, expand your mind – remember – imagination has no borders!

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